Complete guide on how can I write an informative essay?

When facing How to Make an Essay there are many questions that cross the mind of a student.

All those who went through secondary education, or those who still are, know how cruel the word “essay” can be in the beginning.

It is normal that a teacher, after having explained well how to write them, returns the essays with a lot of indications.

And how to make an essay is an issue that has a nuance much more important than having a good spelling or reflect a set of information on a specific topic.

How to Make an Essay is really a process where you can reflect all your thoughts on a specific topic.

In this article, you will be able to discover the most important keys so that you can write an integral, deep and very good-supported essay.

Please be assured that if you read this text correctly and patiently, you will not have any doubts about how to write this type of written work.

Just as it is important to learn English or to learn French, learning how to do an essay can open many doors at an academic and professional level.

Different types of essay

There are several ways to structure and focus the writing of an essay.

The most outstanding will always be the one referring to argumentative, where you not only inform the reader about the topic you are going to develop, but you also dare to give a well-founded opinion and citing the points of view of other authors, in order to give credibility to your idea.

For example, you can work on a topic about global warming, explaining how pollution has generated this phenomenon over the decades.

Throughout your essay, you could enter to discuss why companies are not interested in committing themselves to this issue, arguing about their economic interests and their cynical solution to pay fines for their environmental impact.

Meanwhile, the other type of essay has a much more theoretical and illustrative objective.

Your mission will be more informative, letting you know that you have correctly delved into a topic.


How to Make an Essay of this style implies, for example, that you explain about the impact of new mobile technologies on society.

Your focus on this type of essay would be limited to a coherent review of how smartphones and tablets have radically changed people’s lifestyle, both for good and for bad.

You do not have to justify anything, nor solve a question when it comes to How to Make an Essay of this type.

Only inform intelligently and making use of sources.

The idea is that you can synthesize in a few paragraphs the subject in which you have decided to reflect.

And it is said that a few paragraphs because a good essay should not exceed an average of five pages; If you extend too much, it becomes an investigative article.

Take for example that your article will be based on the reasons why there is a legend that the human being did not reach the moon in the year of 1969.

The essay should then create the expectation, taking as reference the most significant facts of the moon landing, as it can be the phrase “a small step for a man, a great leap for humanity”.

The ideal thing is that you make use of content endowed with images in words so that it is more eye-catching and easy to read.

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