Definition essay as one of the main essay genres

Before writing an essay you should devote time to reading and research.

You can not do anything else to “write like crazy” you must acquire some knowledge or leveling on the subject you will deal with.

The first part of the essay is the introduction, however, it can be the most difficult. You can start your essay by the development and once you are satisfied with it you formulate your introduction.

A third person grammar essay provides formality and academic rigor.
A third-person essay always avoids personal expressions such as “I think” or “I am considering” to focus on terms such as “based on the data being heard …”
Then remove any expression of first person and replace it with third party references that “the author ratifies …” or “the results appear.”
Also exclude other people’s terms or phrases containing “you” or “you”.
If it is necessary to include phrases in the first or second person, be sure to attach them to quotation marks.
An essay can be the door to a place in a university or position, a speech, or a difference between passing or failing a course. But it’s not a reason to overwhelm you.
You can do a good test with simple and few guidelines:
• Very well choose a topic of common and current interest
• Use an important time to research and acquire general and specific knowledge of the subject
• Rewrite the topic, remember that an essay does not exhaust all resources on a topic, it only explores a particular point of view.
• Contextualize your language and your depth based on the audience or audience.
• Do not write immediately, create an overview or draft where you group and order your ideas.
• The worst is an unrelated essay, keeping your connection between an idea and another with transition points.
• Start with argumentation or development, and then give your hypothesis or idea to go through an introduction.
• The conclusion is not an empty or last minute idea is a reflection of how your point of view is validated throughout the document.

The development of an essay

It is the presentation of data, statistics, expert opinions, reviews or field results that validate your explicit position at the level of the introduction.

If you have more than one argument to prove your hypothesis, devote a paragraph to each demonstration and start from the most compelling ideas to the least important.

Take care of the aspects of the form of your writing as a grammatical person, tense, subject-predicate congruency, suppress any repetition of words, phrases or sentences (filing writing).

The development of an essay occupies of you the greatest capacity for synthesis, you must say a lot with the least amount of words, always maintaining coherence or syntax between the ideas.

Do not worry if you do not get the best results the first time, remember that the experience is the largest of the schools.

How to create an essay in nothing more than 5 paragraphs

The first paragraph is the introduction, where you present the theme and the main idea that you will defend. It occupies no more than 15% to 20% of the total extension.

Three paragraphs are devoted to development whose purpose is to explain exhaustively the examples or data that support the thesis or initial position.

The last paragraph is the conclusion, it is not an “orphan” or last minute idea, it is rather a “re-expression” of the introduction where you emphasize how the arguments prove your approach.

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