X Tricks to make your literary essay longer

The literary essay shows your freedom, creativity, and subjectivity when writing. However, this is not synonymous with a lack of order, imprecision, and informality.

A literary essay also follows the general scheme of an essay: A preamble, a development, and a closing.

You can find inspiration on the steps to perform a literary essay in our specialized guide. We summarize it in the following tips.

• Choose the subject, something controversial and of collective interest.

• Circumscribe the opinion or position you expect to assume or defend. For this, you will require an important research and reading effort.

• Inspire yourself with essays on your subject made by recognized authors.

• Choose your arguments based on affirmations, readings or reflections that support your personal opinions or “own argumentative thread”

• Prepare a draft and a writing plan through which you order your ideas and give coherence.

• Write and refine your literary essay, taking care of the coherence, clarity, and quality of the writing.

Make a one-page essay longer

An essay on a book may well be a critical analysis of a work or a critical essay.

The first thing about how to make essays about books is to choose the work and define the theme, whether it is the book in its entirety, a chapter, a character or a specific aspect of the work.

Before the introduction, it offers some data or data sheet about the book: Author, name of the book, date of publication, an abstract.

You can concentrate a good part of your critical judgment on the author’s style, comparison with previous works or focus on the analysis of a character.

You are dealing with a literary theme so seek wealth in your prose and timely use of literary resources.

In an essay on a book, you should give importance to style and meaning, you can take some advice in our guide on how to make a literary essay.

When you must create an essay about a movie you must have context. Whether it is a review for an admiring audience or a preamble for people who have not seen the film.

Dedicate a couple of paragraphs to a preamble, an aspect of the film that you will focus on and present your main plot or idea.

Emit your opinion or argument about the work, you can support your position with reviews by renowned critics or through specialized articles or tabloids. Explain and support in the best way any personal appreciation.

If you allude that the interpretation of a certain author was poor, it offers reasons as to why.

Close your essay on a film synthesizing your postures and inviting the reader to see the film and generate their own conclusions.

If you are looking for more information, consult our guide on how to make a rehearsal of a movie.


The term outline refers to “summary or sketch” and in some cases “argument”.

In the context of an essay, an outline refers more than anything to an outline or draft, an important step or tool to the arduous task of how to create an essay.

A draft allows you to sort your ideas and debug them.

To begin to write down all the ideas that come to your mind, check your list and group the ideas that are similar.

Go back to your sources of possible arguments to complete those missing notions and update your draft.

Ask yourself questions like the way of your essay and reflect on your audience or audience, contextualize adjusting your writing according to the level of the audience.

Develop your thesis or idea to confront and assess which of the list of ideas will work as an argument.

Finally, continue to refine the outline of your essay and prepare to address an introduction and closure based on the most relevant ideas.

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